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Wakefield Taxis offer a range of service from a standard taxi in a saloon car to a really luxurious service which is in one of their selection of executive hire cars.

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Doncaster Sheffield Airport taxi services

Robin Hood Airport is located within seven miles of Doncaster, a town famous for its contribution to the Industrial Revolution, having built both the Flying Scotsman and the Mallard locomotives, and harvested millions of tonnes of coal, once a major facet of UK industry.

Since 1986, the council has focussed its collective efforts on regeneration, demolishing huge areas of urban housing, and encouraging major brands to set up shop in the Frenchgate Centre, a colossal retail outlet with over ninety different stores.

Taxi fares from Doncaster to Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The large market town of Doncaster is roughly 6.4 miles away from the airport and is easily accessible via the A638. Below you can find some estimated costs of a transfer from Doncaster to the airport. Please note that prices can vary depending on luggage:

Estimated taxi fares: Doncaster to Doncaster Sheffield Airport*

VehicleSingle TripReturn Trip
Saloon Car (up to 3 passengers)£25£45
Estate Car (up to 4 passengers)£30£50
Executive Car (up to 3 passengers)£35-£40£58
People Carrier (up to 6 passengers)£40£67
8 Seater Minibus (up to 8 passengers)£45-£55£95
Executive People Carrier (up to 6 passengers)£45£85
16 Seater Minibus
(12 or 16 passengers, depending on luggage)

* Please note that these prices are only estimates. Fares can vary depending on routes, taxi firm rates and time of journey. Please contact one of the firms at the top of this page directly for a quotation.

Taxi rank at Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The taxi rank at the airport is located directly outside of arrivals. Doncaster Sheffield Airport have officially partnered with Little Arrows; you can book a taxi with Little Arrows via their desk in the main terminal building. Other firms can drop off and pick up from the airport but these taxis must be pre-booked. We recommend using one of the reputable firms at the top of this page if you want to guarantee your lift.

Executive Taxis to and from Doncaster/Robin Hood Airport

Taxis from Robin Hood Airport come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from minibuses, to space wagons, to good old streetcars. Many firms will provide a special cab (a Mercedes, BMW, or Rolls Royce) upon request, but elite chauffeurs are only available to hire from a small number of taxi companies, for an inflated cost.

Of course, there are a number of benefits to hiring a professional chauffeur and a pretty car – impressing clients with your newfound luxury, having somebody else carry your luggage, or taking advantage of meet and greet services, ensuring that you never get lost at your destination airport.

Client confidentiality is a hallmark of the executive firms, allowing you to discuss sensitive matters from the relative comfort of the backseat. Premium taxis often have electric sockets plugged into the interior, permitting the use of a laptop or a dying mobile phone throughout your journey.

Robin Hood Airport taxis range from basic to executive vehicles

No Frills taxis & transfers

It is worth noting that Doncaster-Sheffield Robin Hood Airport is a very misleading name. The airport is not in Nottinghamshire, as suggested by the homeland of its namesake, the enigmatic Robin Hood, and it is almost thirty miles away from Sheffield. Taxi companies from Nottingham will be reluctant to collect travellers from Robin Hood Airport, and may charge up to £100 for the service.

A no-frills taxi ride from the airport to Doncaster town centre costs in the region of £19 – £25 per car, and takes twenty minutes, providing that the service is based within ten miles of the airport.

This figure should be taken as a guide price only, as the distance between the taxi base and the airport will be taken into consideration by the driver. Premium and corporate services may charge up to £70, even for short journeys.

In general, an ordinary streetcar or taxicab will seat a maximum of four adults, and is rarely any more spacious than an ordinary car, be it a Ford, Vauxhall, or Peugeot. Minibuses are larger vehicles, capable of seating up to forty-four people, although seven-seat space wagons are also popular with taxi drivers.

Private minicabs are a staple of every town, providing a walk-in service from almost every busy corner. These vehicles must be booked in advance, over the phone or in person, and are not required to adhere to pricing laws – your trip could cost you a lot more (or a lot less) than you anticipated. Wise travellers will agree a price before departing.

Hackney carriages, often known colloquially as black cabs, are usually found circling train stations and entertainment spots, hopeful of a quick fare. Whilst they may be convenient, a black cab from Doncaster centre to Robin Hood Airport, for example, can cost in excess of £30.

You are advised to contact taxi firms directly with the specific details of your trip, especially if you require a larger vehicle, such as a minibus. Prices can range from £20 to £44, depending on the size required.

Horses and Houses

At just six miles from the airport, Doncaster’s Frenchgate Centre is the traditional point of entry for many visitors, incorporating both a train station and a vehicular interchange, and providing an ideal landmark for confused travellers. The shops are proven traps for career shopaholics, and few people need another reason to venture into the town centre.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in the local area is the St. Leger Racecourse, the eponymous host of the St. Leger festival, held every September. The racetrack is located three miles out of the town centre, but the unreliable bus service (equating to two buses an hour) more than justifies the added cost of a taxi ride.

The Lakeside region, again, on the outskirts of town, less than one mile from the racecourse, is a new residential area, set on the banks of a beautiful lake, reclaimed from a wasteland of mud and rubbish in the late nineties. A number of iconic sport and leisure facilities have grown up around the murky waters.

Doncaster Dome, for example, a mile from the Doncaster Rovers football ground, boasts an ice-skating rink, a swimming pool, and monthly events ranging from wrestling shows to music festivals.

Budding historians are not left wanting, but your hobby could prove costly – Cusworth Hall and Conisbrough Castle, two of the most striking architectural features in Doncaster, are both ten miles from the airport, a thirty minute taxi ride in any weather.


For customers with a lot of luggage, an additional trailer can be provided for your trinkets and baubles, on the condition that you ask in advance. DVD players and video game machines are fitted as standard in certain cars, but the trip from Robin Hood to Doncaster might prove too brief to sample the delights of your new chariot.

Uniformed staff and patent reliability completes the list of pros available to airport arrivals, providing tired travellers with a prompt and individual service. Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of airport taxi ranks is the availability of online booking services, taking the guesswork out of long journeys.

Robin Hood Airport has a single terminal, and no further expansions are planned for the coming months. The officially sanctioned pick-up and drop-off point is situated in the normal car park, and access is permissible for fifteen minutes only, after which cars must be checked into the proper parking facilities.