Iain Colquhoun — Travel and Transfers
Edinburgh Airport Guide

Advertising on the Airport Guide sites has been one of the best decisions we have ever taken. Over the last few months we have had a great return on our outlay with a steady stream of quotes and bookings each month. We have built a relationship with the team at Airport Guides, one that we will keep for years to come. A great product, a great team!

Helen — Rocket Jonny's Minibus Hire
Bristol & Cardiff Airport Guides

There's something extra-ordinary going on in Rocket Jonny's Minibus Hire since advertising on Fubra's Bristol Airport Guide. After a fuss free, non-pushy, flexible and knowledgeable service from Andrew, our advert was live within seconds. Not long after, our phone started ringing ... and ringing. This has put our expensive, contracted advertising with a well known directory (which is the same colour as a lemon) very much to shame.

Thanks Fubra! More of our marketing budget will be coming your way!

Pete — Going to the Airport
Manchester & Liverpool Airport Guides

We have enjoyed a great response from our adverts on the Airport Guides, in fact we had enquiries less than an hour from going live! This impressive start has continued throughout and the Airport Guides remain our most valuable method of advertising.

Scott Ryan — Gateshead Central Taxis
Newcastle Airport Guide

We have been with the Newcastle Airport Guide for some time now. Whilst we are already the market leader in Airport Transfers in our region, enquiries from the Guide have been from outside our regional market with two enquiries leading to substantial new accounts with Global Blue Chip Organisations we would not otherwise have had access to.

We will definitely be continuing our subscription indefinitely.

Bains Travel UK
Birmingham Airport Guide

We initially chose to advertise with Fubra due to the fact that they have a very informative airport guide website while offering value-for-money advertising rates. The key people at Fubra seem to have done a lot of hard work for good search engine positioning and we further benefit from the exposure.

I am confident Fubra will continue to grow their organic search results, so am always happy to spend a little more for advertising. Keep up the good work!

Tony Kane — Airport Karz (Wales)
Cardiff Airport Guide

I have been a subscriber of the Cardiff Airport Guide for about eighteen months now and have had an excellent response not just from the UK but around the world from persons requiring a transfer when arriving at Cardiff Airport.

A great website that has boosted my business - I'm glad I had the opportunity to advertise with the Airport Guides.

Enver Mehmet — Manager at Premier Airport Cars
Luton, Stansted & London City Airport Guides

We have been advertising across all the London Airport Guides for the past five months and have been really pleased with the response we have had in terms of the improvement to the traffic to our website and the bookings we have had.

We also really like the fact that we are not tied into a long term contract with the Airport Guides, this has meant that we can now pause our advertising while we are so busy and come back to it at a later date when we need a boost!

This is unlike any other advertising service we use, but we like it as we know it shows Fubra are focused on making sure we get our moneys worth from our adverts.

John Ludwig — Marathon Taxis
Heathrow & Gatwick Airport Guides

From the very beginning of our contact with your company we have felt happy and relaxed in dealing with you. We very quickly gained the impression that, unlike so many companies in the market place, you were not there just for the quick sale. You were willing to work alongside us to help achieve our objective.

Recognising that the internet is the way forward when it comes to advertising we have tried many avenues and approaches, but to be honest the majority were an absolute waste of money. However the Airport Guides do in fact work!

Despite accepting the fact that not all airport enquiries originate from our advertisement with the Airport Guide the increase in volume that we receive proves that a large percentage is coming from the Guide.

We are so satisfied in fact, that from next month we have agreed to double our advertising spend with you. We look forward to any further improvements that you make to the site and wish you every success for the future.

Phil — Sandford Private Hire
Bristol Airport Guide

Great site and friendly helpful people on the other end. It is also nice to know that you are not tied to a lengthy contract and are able to change or cancel the advert at any time. Many thanks to Jennie and the team for all your help and advice you have been excellent. Please keep up the good work and good luck for the future.

Managing Director — Airline Connect
Leeds Airport Guide

We are pleased to express our gratitude for the professional and very efficient services offered by Fubra Limited to our Company. By using their website for advertising, we have noticed a steady increase in the number of bookings over the last 6 months and will continue to use their services in the future.

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