Doncaster Sheffield Special Assistance

Doncaster Sheffield Airport strive to ensure their disabled passengers travel with ease and as comfortably as possible. Facilities for disabled travellers include:

Hidden Disability awareness features
Assistance dogs
Disabled parking facilities
Ambulift plane access & much more!
Doncaster Sheffield Special Assistance Contact Number: 01302 625 099

Here’s the government’s advice on travelling with a disability to help you get to your holiday on time and as stress-free as possible.

Tips for Disabled Air Passengers

Doncaster Sheffield Special Assistance - a person calling

Tell the airport in advance
Be sure to make your chosen airline and tour operator aware of your disability needs when making the booking for your flight. This way they can arrange specific assistance for your arrival at or departure from Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The airport staff can help with a huge range of tasks including; moving baggage from your vehicle, getting from the car park to the terminal, checking in, accessing the toilets and much more!

Car parking made easy
Doncaster Sheffield Airport have designated spaces at the front of the car park for passengers with special assistance needs. However these are distributed on a first come first serve basis, so make sure to book in advance.

Breeze through security

Airport staff are on hand to assist passengers through the security process. A dedicated room is available within the central search area for those passengers who require extra privacy when being checked.

Remember: Seating is provided within the central search area with water available if required. Also, should you need to take liquid medicine through security, this will need to be screened using specific equipment.

Doncaster Sheffield Special Assistance - security

Quiet Room
Airports can be busy and noisy and Doncaster Sheffield recognises that this can be difficult for some passengers. So they have a quiet room in the departure lounge which passengers can access by asking their assistance team. 

Doncaster Sheffield Special Assistance - Hidden Disability lanyard

Hidden Disability Awareness
Doncaster Sheffield Airport do provide white and blue hidden disability wristbands to help assist you through the airport either independently or with the Airport Assistance service providers. They are available to obtain from the Westgrove Assistance Desk, designed to highlight to staff that you may need extra assistance throughout the airport in a discreet way. Note: These are not used as a fast track method through security.

Assistance Dogs
You are more than welcome to bring your registered assistance dog through the airport when travelling on approved airlines. Assistance Dogs are processed as normal through the central search area.

Travelling with mobility aids
It is important to notify your airline in advance if you wish to take your own mobility aid such as a wheelchair or scooter. All you need to pass on is the make, model, weight and dimensions in order to determine whether it is safe for air travel. Upon arrival at the terminal, make sure to head over to the Westgrove Assistance Desk where trained staff will be able to help you. They can also provide assistance when you land back at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Doncaster Sheffield Special Assistance - mobility aid