Doncaster Sheffield Airport announce new routes to top European destinations

On November 21st, tickets went on sale for a new three-weekly flight service from Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) to Krakow, Poland provided by Wizz Air, with flights taking off from May 2nd 2019.

The route will provide an extra 56,000 seats both ways as part of a hotly anticipated record year for Wizz Air at DSA, with over 600,000 passengers expected over the next year.

That isn’t the only good news from DSA; not only have they begun new flights to Budapest recently, but the equally popular Hungarian destination of Debrecen is looking to be covered by DSA starting at the end of December. The hope is that these new additions will culminate to a record year for the midlands airport.

Chris Harcombe, Aviation Development Director, Doncaster Sheffield Airport, said: “This is great news for us to have another exciting leisure route from Wizz Air, who have continued to grow their range of low-cost routes since starting operating from DSA in 2006. Over half of the total seats available from DSA are low cost with Wizz now operating 12 routes and we’re pleased to be one of the first routes from their new Krakow base.”

Speaking at a press conference in Krakow, Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO at Wizz Air said: “Today’s announcement underlines our commitment to our UK and Polish markets, where we launched operations back in 2004 with the first Wizz Air flight from Luton to Katowice. We chose Krakow to be our newest base in Poland as we see the potential and the demand for low cost travel in this city which is a popular tourist destination as well as a rapidly developing business hub.”

The Hungarian airline (Wizz Air) is also launching new routes to Krakow from Luton Airport, where they are now basing two A321 aircrafts which will begin separately on April 4th.

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  1. Keeley smith

    Will there be any plans of operating flights to south of France? KLM are a great airline. The south is a popular destination Nd we travel to Leeds/ or Manchester for this

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