Filming begins at Doncaster-Sheffield

Robin Hood Airport is to become the partial setting of a new TV comedy entitled ‘Come Fly with Me.’

The serial, which features David Walliams and Matt Lucas, the two men behind the popular sketch show Little Britain, is expected to be a parody of airport ‘reality’ shows such as the long-running docu-soap Airline.

Come Fly with Me consists of the traditional six episodes, featuring ‘all new’ characters played by Walliams and Lucas. The show should air on BBC One in the run-up to Christmas.

Lucas and Walliams spent a fortnight at Robin Hood in August filming scenes for their new project.

Yorkshire newspaper The Star indicates that Robin Hood will be just one of several UK hubs to feature in the program, suggesting that the airport setting featured in Walliam’s and Lucas’s show is fictional.

Come Fly with Me is likely to follow the format championed by Little Britain, Monty Python and The League of Gentlemen, in which a single actor can play several different roles by creating characters with clothing and make-up.

This style of comedy is notable for having few (if any) female leads, forcing men to dress as women.

Mark Freeland, the BBC’s head of comedy, was “proud and excited” to have Lucas and Walliams working with the corporation. “Also, it’ll be boom time once again for dress, wig and make-up suppliers in the UK,” he said.

A lone publicity shot on the BBC website has Walliams playing a moustachioed customs officer known as Ian, whilst his stage partner, Lucas, dons a huge beard and a bottle of fake tan for his character, Taaj.

Whether Ian and Taaj will return to Doncaster Airport in the future is currently unknown.

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