Robin Hood bosses to slash jobs

Bosses at Robin Hood airport have announced that under a new proposal to streamline airport operations, around nine top-level jobs may become untenable. Peel Airports, the owner of the struggling airport, wants to improve staff development opportunities whilst maintaining a steadfast approach to escalating financial woes.

The past year has not been kind to Robin Hood airport. The collapse of world markets has exacerbated an already-critical financial situation and, despite the release of a number of documents detailing prospective rescue plans, the airport continues to struggle on the brink of insolvency, unable to secure any kind of financial support from Doncaster council.

A recent survey revealed that Robin Hood airport is very popular with customers travelling for leisure reasons. The company is expected to remain in the red until 2010 but the new ski season should provide the airport with a substantial capital boost.

The recent threat of redundancy may hint at an increasingly severe financial situation. It is interesting to note that only two days after Peel Airports promised to create 17,000 new jobs over the next twenty years, the company threatened to axe a significant proportion of their operational staff.

Mike Morton, a spokesperson for Robin Hood, blamed the recent ‘credit crunch’ for the airport’s woes: “These are some of the most difficult trading conditions the aviation industry has experienced in decades.”

Robin Hood airport has been the subject of several damning newspaper reports and it seems increasingly likely that the owners are using the credit crunch as a scapegoat to avoid admitting the extent of the airport’s debts to the media.

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