The Unknown Airport

Robin Hood Airport is no stranger to tumultuous skies. The young facility has endured budget cuts, sweeping redundancies, and now, as the British summertime draws to a soggy conclusion, a revelation that may crush the airport for good.

Despite filling column inches with endless crises, a recent survey has revealed that very few people are aware that Robin Hood Airport actually exists – a bitter pill to swallow for beleaguered owners, Peel Airports.

Established in April 2005, Robin Hood Airport has floundered in obscurity. The only motorway access point remains incomplete, and a Master Plan drafted in late 2008 has failed to provide the cure-all panacea that council bosses had expected. Airport officials are now pinning all their hopes on a huge leafleting campaign.

Householders in Doncaster, Hull, and Sheffield have been bombarded with promotional material – 200,000 leaflets, and 50,000 A5 booklets.

Nick Smillie, sales director at the airport, lamented the recent news: “we have worked hard over the past four years to raise the profile of the airport to both passengers and airlines.” Mr. Smillie emphasised the promotional nature of the marketing campaign, refusing to accept that local residents were unaware of the airport’s existence.

Doncaster council has pledged to improve the quality of road signage leading up to the site, but unless the airport can tempt local people away from their computer screens and the rainy weather, Robin Hood is destined to join its namesake in the history books.

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